About CC

criminal case cheatsCriminal Case (frequently referred to as “CC”) is a detective-themed hidden object game released on November 15, 2012 for Facebook, and on August 28, 2014 for iOS. Developed and released by Pretty Simple, a European social gaming company, Criminal Case has over ten million monthly users that are average.

In the Grimsborough Police Department, the player starts as a rookie cop in Criminal Case, partnered. Together, the two investigate murders in the city of Grimsborough. Grimsborough features six districts, which are the Airport, the Financial Center, the Historical Center, the University, the Maple Heights and also the Industrial Area. Grimsborough features a total.

After finishing the first 56 instances of the sport, the player travels to Pacific Bay’s city shortly. There, Frank Knight and Amy Young are delegated to function as the player’s partners. Pacific Bay features ten distinct districts: Ocean Shore, Bayou Bleu, Inner City, Jazz Town, White Summits, Ivywood Hills, Rhine Canyon, Innovation Valley, Paradise City along with The Wastes. Pacific Bay is slated to get a minimum of 54 cases. Where you can download cheats for the game due to how the game requires a long time to play however there is little energy, there are now already sites available,

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